Daily Bible Verse – 2 John 1:3

Today’s Bible Verse :
2 John 1:3
Grace, mercy, and peace, which come from God the Father and from Jesus Christ—the Son of the Father—will continue to be with us who live in truth and love.


My Thoughts:

This Bible Verse is a great comfort, especially living in a world today where there is a major lack of grace, mercy or peace.  We can sometimes become so immersed in today’s society, and get so wrapped up in the daily hustle of life that we can often forget to stop and really ponder on what should be the most important part of our lives.

When we make the effort to put God first in our lives above all of the other things in life, and we choose to model our lives after His Word, we will experience the kind of grace, peace and mercy that only God can give, in every area in our lives.  The Word of God tells us that God is love, and that His love for us is constant, unchanging and forever.  We need to make a concerted effort to show this kind of love towards others, no matter how hard it may be at times.

When God is number one in your life, you will notice that things will go better for you.   If you are currently always trying to “fit” God into your busy schedule I would encourage you to instead build your schedule around your time with God, and I promise you, it will make all the difference in your life.



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