Internet Dating Information: Things To Send Girls For Maximum Outcomes

Hypothesis: on line dating reaction prices may be enhanced if we compose the perfect things within the initial message delivered.


  • I desired to try out the most truly effective communications to send whenever doing dating that is online.
  • I scoured the grab forums that are dating recommendations from other people that worked.
  • I experienced to help keep tabs on all of the data more than a 2 period to see if the girl responded to my original message week
  • The reactions had been 90% good, although 10% of these were negative. This isn’t mirrored into the information. PUAs say that any reaction can be an IOI, many associated with the reaction led nowhere
  • We hired an assistant that is remote distribute 100 communications, totaling 787 communications over a 6 week duration.
  • Make use of sites that are free
  • Expense: $35 per week x 6 days = $210
  • We additionally created a fake babe that is hot who was simply gorgeous getting a feeling of which kind of communications she received, it was my competition. She got over 200 communications in 2 times.

Therefore formally, my directions had been:

1. Heidi, i really want you to definitely deliver 5 communications throughout the a few weeks to 100 girls

2. Make use of your judgement regarding the style of girl and adjust consequently

3. Age groups ought to be 18-49, no girls that are asian black colored girls, unless they truly are extremely gorgeous

4. Inform me when you yourself have any relevant concerns, listed here are my logins

My 5 communications and directions to my strategist that is“dating:

1. You’re adorable. I’m adopting you as my sister that is little so can take in kool-aid and climb up trees. Afterwards we could star in a commercial about how precisely awesome use is and you will give an extremely unfortunate face towards the camera then again we come just about to happen by having a pitcher of kool-aid and your laugh can become an event.

Target: CUTE searching girls, more youthful girls

2. You’re just about the only woman I’ve seen on this website whom doesn’t creep the residing hell away from me personally. Do you really like sushi?

Target: job concentrated, more severe girls

3. Serious concern: let’s say I’m taking you out for sushi: one explanation or any other I’m starving, I have actuallyn’t eaten any such thing all and you’re in the shower day. Just how long until we’re out of the home? thirty minutes and also you look hot, and I also can’t keep my fingers off you? a quarter-hour and you also look pretty sweet 2 hours and I also die from starvation

Target: that one works on everybody.

4. Are you currently among those girls whom simply just take forever to accomplish her makeup and hair, or would you just look that way?

Target: Girls with actually done up hair

5. Hey I became thinking about robbing a bank, fleeing down seriously to the oceanfront, driving down a cliff, and faking my very own death this week (SCUBA tanks in trunk), are you in?

Target: Girls with “adventure” as personality kind


OKCupid! Total sent and reaction prices:

POF Total delivered and reaction prices

Combined reaction prices and differences when considering internet internet sites

The information is interesting because message 1 the sister that is“adorable opener works on POF girls more. POF as a whole has less educated, less severe, and more youthful girls. Message 3 (Alternatives opener) and 4 (locks opener) are better on OKCupid. I’m uncertain what the good explanation is. Maybe girls are far more educated and just like the choice type question that is multiple. Both in circumstances, message 5 was too nowadays and did work that is n’t even though we targeted adventurous girls.

Which message worked the most effective in OKC? POF?

Overall, Message 3 (alternatives for sushi opener) worked top for OKC, additionally the “adorable used sister opener message that is worked most useful in POF.


  • Total Reactions: 107 (13.6%)
  • Total Telephone Numbers: 10 (

Total Dates: 7 (

Total Brand Brand New Friends: 2 (


  • Total Comprehensive Closes: 0 (0%)
  • None associated with girls we dated we finished up setting up with, which will be interesting provided my status being a PUA. A lot of them had been innocent, good girls rather than accustomed setting up right away after the first date. My cool approach girls will often rest beside me following the date that is 1st. But, you first face to face meeting, online dates usually take a little longer since you first date IS.

    Further Discussion:

    Exactly what are the Quality of Girls?

    In north park, I’m perhaps maybe maybe not seeing iraqi brides any FGOP disguises. From the going on 2-3 dates into the bay that is south them all had been demonstrably obese. All of the girls I’ve been out with were average weight to thin. A number of them had better faces than the others, but everybody passed the “I would personally screw her” club. With exclusion for the blonde in the centre, all of the “super hotties” were hard to pin straight down unless these are generally brand new in the city.

    Is There Racism?

    Certain. I’m testing Tinder by having a white man profile in addition to communications. The reaction prices are a little greater, yet not up to we expected. More on this 1 on my next post.

    Its no further accepted become “openly racist” these times. Nevertheless, “passive racism” exists. This is certainly, girls don’t desire to end up getting a guy that is asian also a beneficial looking one. Some girls significantly less than 2-3% have actually flat down said, “you’re perhaps not my type”, but the majority of them just make use of other excuses or stop responding. If a lady sticks, it really is much more likely that she’s looking for attention at the time. Because of the signifigant amounts of email messages they have, this has more related to her mood than your battle.

    Fundamentally, if you’re also a great searching woman, you’re going to get swamped with lame emails from all of the dudes looking to get some.

    How About Asian Girls?

    Interestingly, Asian girls are difficult to obtain away to fulfill me. We keep away from them but land that is sometimes 1-2 my inbox. Either these are typically intimated they are American Asian and trying to get white guys that I don’t look traditionally Asian, or.

    You are excited about, download the step-by-step first 3 messages guide so you understand what your ideal girls are thinking if you are struggling to get dates with girls. These 3 texts were field-tested by a huge selection of dudes over the past ten years.

    AlphaWolf & Co.

    AlphaWolf could be the alter-ego of various PUA Lingo users. We co-wrote and co-authored almost all of terms right right here for the true purpose of sharing our insights even as we learned all about individual dynamics that are social.

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