Longest Verse in the Bible – Bible Facts

The longest verse in the Bible is located in the Book of Esther chapter 8 verse 9. The Bible verse reads as follows:

So on June 25 the king’s secretaries were summoned, and a decree was written exactly as Mordecai dictated. It was sent to the Jews and to the highest officers, the governors, and the nobles of all the 127 provinces stretching from India to Ethiopia. The decree was written in the scripts and languages of all the peoples of the empire, including that of the Jews.

This Bible verse which has a count of 78 words is describing the event of Esther a Jew, who went to the king and pleaded for the lives of her people because King Xerxes’ wicked officer has sent word that all of the Jewish people should be killed.

In the longest verse in the Bible above it is talking about the decree that was sent out after the King agreed to spare the Jewish peoples lives, telling the Jews to unite and defend themselves against anybody who came to attack them.

Esther is a great historical account of a Godly woman who was empowered through faith to save her people through her current life circumstances. I would encourage you to read not only the longest verse in the Bible but to read the entire book of Esther. It is a great read and will encourage you in your own life.

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