Joel Osteen – Explosive Blessings are Coming your Way

There are many times in life that we feel like we are stuck in a rut, we have become slaves to our bills, or our current situation or predicaments in life. It is at these times that we begin to lose hope and to feel like there is no way out. The truth however is that God wants to bless you, not just enough to get you out of your situation but He wants to go above and beyond what you could even imagine.

We need to have faith in the fact that God’s blessings are coming, and that God is next to us helping us through these situations or predicaments in our lives. We need to continually speak favor over our lives, and speak blessings into our lives. In this video Joel Osteen talks about God’s explosive blessings.

Joel talks about receiving and believing for these blessings and gives much encouragement for those going through a hard time, or who feel stuck in a certain place in their life.


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