John Bevere – Relentless

Christianity is based on faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Having faith is absolutely crucial in order to please God, in order to be saved, and in order to be a vessel in which God can use us supernaturally. Without faith we have nothing, we are nothing more than a group of people following one of the many religions in the world today.

Every day either from an attack from satan or from a consequence from a fallen world our faith is tested, and if we are not armed with the knowledge and information to push through these faith testing situations, our faith will diminish or capsize and we will be overtaken by these situations.

John Bevere in this video talks about how to arm yourself spiritually so that you are ready for anything that may come your way that will test your faith. This video will give you the knowledge and tools you will need in order to face those situations head on and overcome them with the power and grace of God.

Watch it below (actual sermon starts at 4:30)


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