Joyce Meyer Sermon – Spending Time with God

In this Joyce Meyer sermon video Joyce is talking about spending time with God. She shows us the importance of seeking God and spending regular time with Him each and everyday. We learn that satan will do everything and anything to keep us from spending time with God, and we need to diligently seek and make opportunities to spend time with God.

If you are feeling like you don’t have a strong relationship with Christ, or you maybe have a hard time hearing from him, or maybe you just feel empty inside, then you will be blessed by this sermon from Joyce Meyer on spending time with God.

Important Points:

- God calls us and desires us to spend time with Him.
- Spending time with God builds our faith and trust in Him.
- We not only need physical food, but spiritual food as well, this comes from spending time with God in His Word.
- God speaks to us through His Word, and during times of meditation on Him.

It is absolutely crucial for our continued Christian walk to spend time with God, and to spend time in His presence. This is backed up in the Bible, and if spending time with God was not beneficial or didn’t make a difference then satan would not try so hard to keep us from doing it.

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