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Mark Gungor is one of the most sought after speakers when it comes to love, relationships and marriage.  He is the pastor of  Celebration Church in Wisconsin and travels the world delivering his “Laugh your way to a better marriage” seminars.  These seminars offer a humorous look at the difficulties of marriage and relationships that come about based on the differences of both men and women, while still offering advice, tips and hope right from the Word of God.

Truth be told marriages are under a lot of fire from the enemy these days.   The divorce rate is higher than ever today and sadly that not only includes the lost, but the Christian community as well.  Marriage has gone from a sanctified life long union that God created to a temporary union that lasts as long as both partners get along and are in love.

Marriage is tough, in fact marriage is downright impossible unless you have God in the center of your marriage. Laugh your way to a better marriage by Mark Gungor helps to identify and bring to life the most common problems and issues seen in marriages, and give biblical based advice on how to overcome these problems and obstacles so that your marriage can be what God intended; full of love, happiness, trust, friendship and peace.

Watch Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage-Tale of 2 Brains and Yo Mama Full Video Sessions below:



Marriage can be a true blessing, but it can also be your worst nightmare. The keys to the success of your marriage is to know the common downfalls and issues marriage can bring, and to make Christ the center of your marriage, relying upon His grace and strength to carry you through these problems and downfalls.

Laugh your way to a better marriage takes a step outside the box and delivers comical yet good sound biblical advice on marriage and relationships that you can use to strengthen and solidify your marriage so that you can actually enjoy it instead of regret it.

665001: Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, Full Seminar on DVD Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, Full Seminar on DVD
By Crown Entertainment

Attend this hilarious, no-holds-barred weekend marriage seminar—in the travel-free comfort of home! With his trademark humor and entertaining illustrations, Mark Gungor makes learning the dynamics of male/female relationships fun, effective, and memorable. Sessions include “The Tale of Two Brains,” “How to Stay Married and Not Kill Anybody,” and more. Four DVDs, approx. 6 hours total.


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